Local Organizing Committee

Chair: Eleonora Cresto (CONICET and SADAF)
Volunteer Coordinators

Program Committee

Chair: Atocha Aliseda (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México and Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Spain)
Secretary: María Martínez-Ordaz (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

DLMPST Symposia Commissions

Commission for History and Philosophy of Computing
  • Juan Luis Gastaldi (ETH Zurich, Switzerland) and Arianna Borrelli (TU Berlin, Germany)
International Association for Science and Cultural Diversity
  • Madeline Muntersbjorn (Toledo OH, United States of America)
DHST/DLMPST Joint Commission
  • Agnes Bolinska (University of South Carolina, United States of America)
Commission on the Philosophy of Technology and Engineering Sciences (CoPhiTES):
  • Juan M. Durán (Delft, The Netherlands)